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Create a "Forum Topic"

This help text assumes you are already familiar with the structure of the discussion forum system, and understand the difference between a Section, a Forum, and a Thread (also called a Forum Topic). If not, then please read this first.

Forum authors can create new Threads by selecting the Forum Topic content type from the "Create content" page. As part of the process of authoring a new Forum Topic, you will be required to select the particular Forum in which the Thread should appear. Once a new Thread has been created, it is generally the case that all registered members of the site can add comment to it, creating a discussion.

Depending on how the site admiistrators have arranged things, forum authors may be able to create a new thread in any forum or only in specific forums. Also it is possible to configure the site so that any registered member can create a forum topic and thus add a new Thread. Finally, it is possible for the administrators to set a particular thread to be commented upon by anyone, including anonymous guests.

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