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As mentioned earlier, when creating new content for the website (other than comments), authors first choose which "content type" they will use. When authors select "Create content" from the Navigation Menu, they're presented with a list of various content type items from which to choose. Content types are designed to be useful for particular purposes, so the purpose will usually determine the content type. The most common types and their uses are:

  • Page or Book Page: A page or book page is used for creating static content that will remain useful over time. This is in contrast to news and event items, which are less useful as they age. A book page is a regular page with the extra feature that it has a defined relationship to other book pages within an outline structure. A Web Book is a set of connected book page items.
  • News: A news item is associated with some bit of time-sensitive information. News items are automatically listed in the order in which they're created, so old ones disappear off the end of the list. Unlike event items, news items don't require you to enter a date or location.
  • Event: An event is used to announce something that happens with a particular date and location, which it requires you to specify. Events automatically appear in event listings, like those in a sidebar. Events may be one-time Special Events, or repeating Regular Events.
  • Link: A link requires you to enter a URL address to which the link will lead. The body text of a link is a description of where the link will take people. Links must be assigned a catagory from the existing set, which allows them to be organized into pages of related links.
  • Forum Topic: A forum topic is used to create a new "thread" in one of the Discussion Forums. It requires you to assign it to one of the existing forums.
  • My Blog Entry: A blog entry is associated with your personal blog here (if you have one). They are automatically assigned to your "My Blog" page, which is just a listing of Blog Entries that you've created. The set of all people's Blogs has its own page.
  • Story: This content type shouldn't be used, but has been retained for backward compatibility. Use "News" instead.

Notice that in order to be able to create one of these Content Types your account must be authorized for that particular type. The rest of this Help Guide will examine each of these content types and describe its uses and features in detail.

 Pages in this section include:

  1. Create a "page" or a "book page"
    1. Create a "page" item
    2. Create a "book page" item
  2. Create a "news" item
  3. Create an "event" item
  4. Create a "link" item
  5. Create a "forum topic"
  6. Create a blog or a "blog entry"

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