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Discussion Forums Help

The Discussion Forums area of this website is the main location for general communication within our online community. Registered members can add comments to existing "threads," which are each associated with a particular subject. "Forum topic" is another term for "thread." Forum authors can add new threads and others can then append comments, creating the discussion.

Threads are grouped into Forums, which form catagories that organize threads by general subject. Finally, Forums are grouped into Sections that create the highest level organizational structure in the Discussion Forums area. Only Forum administrators can add new Forums or Sections.

This structure is summarized in the diagram below:

 forum structure 

Forums Notification

If you wish to be informed when people post new threads or comments to a forum, you can use this website's notification system. To subscribe to a thread (topic) you can click the "Subscribe to: This post" link below the text of the post. You will thereafter be informed when anyone adds a comment to that topic posting. To subscribe to an entire forum, go to your My Account page, and select the Notifications tab. Then go to the Tags section, where you can mark the checkbox next to each forum to which you wish to subscribe. Any new postings or comments to that forum will be sent to you by email. Note that you will probably want to choose an interval of either Immediately (individual emails) or Daily (digest format), and a method of "HTML mail" (formatted email).

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