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Notifications Help

There are various ways to stay informed about news and events newly posted or updated on this website, or other activities of the SOI Toronto centres.

Email Newsletter

If you wish to receive a periodic email newsletter listing news and events, please go to our Newsletters page.

Update Notification by Email

If you are a registered member of the website, we offer a system for you to "subscribe" to a news posting, a Discussion Forum topic, and some other content. If you are subscribed to an item, you will receive notification whenever that item changes. For instance, if you are subscribed to a particular Discussion Forum posting, and have selected "Mail" (plain text email) or "HTML mail" (formatted email) as the notification method, you will be sent an email any time someone comments on that forum posting. Alternatively, you can subscribe for "Web" notification, in which case the notification will appear in the Messages area of your My Account page.

If subscriptions are enabled for an item on this website, you'll see a link on the page that looks something like "Subscribe to: This post." Click on it to subscribe. You'll be asked how often you want notifications to go out to you, and what method/format should be used. You will usually want to receive notifications either "Immdiately" or "Daily" and you will usually want the method to be "HTML mail."

Another way to subscribe to certain items is to go to the "Notifications" tab at your My Account page. From here you can edit your subscriptions and also subscribe according to additional criteria. For instance, you can go to the Tags section, and choose to subscribe to a particular Forum. You'll thereafter receive notification when any new posting to that Forum is made. This is described in more detail on the Discussion Forums Help page.

If you are not a registered member of the website, you can still stay informed through our periodic email newsletters, through our RSS feeds (see below), or by receiving our front page News postings by email daily (using RSS by email).

RSS Feeds

For those who wish to be informed through online syndication of news and events posted to this website, several RSS feeds are available. Although it is not an exhaustive list of all feeds available here, the ones listed below are most likely to be of interest. Clicking on the title links will subscribe you to that feed based on your own computer's RSS settings. A good introduction to RSS feeds is here. Some recommended RSS feed readers include Google Reader, My Yahoo, and Bloglines.

  • RSS Upcoming Special Events - Upcoming special (one-time) events.
  • RSS Upcoming Special Events (Toronto & GTA only) - Upcoming special events, but only in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • RSS Upcoming Ongoing Events - Upcoming events that are held on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • RSS News - News items only, ordered by the date they were last updated.
  • RSS Updated News & Events - Recently updated (or newly added) news and events items, ordered by the date they were last updated.
  • RSS Daily Bowl of Saki - The day's "Bowl of Saki" from the writings of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan.

There are many other RSS feeds automatically generated by this website. For instance, each of the discussion forums has an associated feed. Your Web browser will inform you when a feed is available for a particular page. In Firefox, the orange RSS symbol appears in the address bar to indicate a feed is available. For Internet Explorer, there is a feed icon always displayed, but it's grey when there is no feed available for a page and orange when one is available.

RSS by Email: One particular RSS feed, the "News - SOI Toronto Centres" that appears as "News" on this website's front page, is available for delivery by email. If you want each of those News items sent to you by email when they are posted, you can subscribe here.

Social Networking

SOI Toronto Centres maintains a presence on several social networking systems, and we post some news items on those websites also. However, this site is the main source of information about classes and other events.


Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

From the Gayan

All things that may seem to be exalting my position, they indeed lower me in my eyes; the only thing exalting for me is the forgetting of myself entirely in the perfect vision of God.
— Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan: Gayan - Gamakas