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Revisions and Reversion

In addition to creating new material, authors will often edit and update their work. Also, some material might be generated as a collaboration, in which case multlple authors will each add changes. Since the material you create is stored as "nodes," each node has a history of changes associated with it.

In order to aid the process of development, and to ensure that if you decide you don't like the changes you can go back, copies of previous versions of your created material can be retained by the server software's versioning system. You can at any time revert a particular earlier version using the saving copies. Note that older versions are eventually deleted, so only the most recent versions are typically available.

When you create or edit material, the entry form includes a section called "Revision Information" that allows you to specify that you want to retain a copy of the previous version. That option is turned on by default. There is also a place for collaborative authors to enter a "Log message" explaining why they made the changes they did. This allows later authors to review past versions and understand what and why changes were made.

If you are creating new material you can ignore the Revision Information section. Also, if you are not collaborating with others on the material then you can enter a Log Message if you wish for future reference or not. Collaborative authors editing existing material should probably enter a succinct Log Message explaining what changes they made and why.


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