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Your Account

The "My Account" page provides tools to manage your account and customize your experience at this website.  It can be reached through the link in the left-hand Navigation menu, near the bottom. At the top of the My Account page, just under your username, is a set of tabs with labels including View, Edit, Messages, Notifications, Track, and File Browser. Each of these leads to a set of customizable options, described below.


This displays your basic account information, including some items you entered when you first created your registered account. Note that some of these items are private, and only you and adminsitrators can view them, as was explained when you first entered them.


This displays the same information as View, but in editable fields so that you can make changes. You can also change your email address or password here, upload a picture to represent you, and select which "blocks" you want included in your display. For instance, the Events Calendar is a block that's part of the right-hand sidebar on the site's front page. Although it's displayed by default, you can change the setting here to hide it. Others, like the Toronto Weather block, are turned off by default, but website members can set it to display when they're logged in.

Finally, you can set your "Default send method." When people send you messages here (using the "Contact" link on your profile page), or if you have selected any Notifications for when new material is posted to the website,  you can choose to have those emailed to you or posted only to your account here. While messages are emailed by default, if you change the send method to "simple" then they will be accessible with the "Messages" link from your "My account" page.


If you have chosen the "simple" option for your "Default send method" (see the previous paragraph), then any messages for you from other members or from Notifications will appear here.


Here you can set various notifications that will alert you to changes at this website. Notifications come in different catagories, including Thread, Tags, and possibly others. If you select the Tags catagory for instance, you can choose to be notified if there is any new content added that's been labelled with the "Universal Worship" tag, or for new postings to a particular discussion forum. Notifications for Threads appear here if you have subscribed to particular threads (topics) in the discussion forums, or subscribed to the set of comments appended to webpages here that accept comments.


This section lists all items that you have created or posted at this website, and how many replies or comments are attached to them.

File Browser

Here you can gain access to the file upload area(s) associated with your account, for things like photos or documents. Please see Uploading Material to This Site in this Help Guide for more information.


Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

From the Gayan

There is a limit to the precautions one takes in the affairs of one's life; and the horizon of the limit is one's trust in God.
— Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan: Gayan - Suras