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SOI Centres Worldwide

The Sufi Order International has centres around the world. You can click on a winged heart icon in the map below to learn more about the centre at that location. Please note that it may take a minute for the map and the icons to be drawn.

To use this map, you can zoom in or out using the "+" or "-" buttons located at the top left corner of the map. To pan around the map, either use the arrow buttons at the top left corner of the map, or click and drag within the map to move the display. You can click on any of the winged heart icons for more information about the SOI centre at that place. If you wish, you can view a larger map (shortcut "http://soito.org/soimap") on a separate page that also provides a sidebar listing the names of the various centres.

Please note that the information used to create this map was found online in December 2010 and may be out of date. You may be able to find more up to date information at one of the websites listed below or using a Web search engine with "Sufi Order International" and the name of a city. Also, please be aware that the markers on the map are generally placed to indicate the city in which the centre is located, and not necessarily the exact place where the centre meets. Some cities have more than one SOI centre, but are marked with a single icon. Please contact each individual centre for more information.

Some Sufi Order International Regional and Country Websites

If you have Google Earth software installed, you can load a map of all SOI centres into it.
If you want to create your own webpage with this SOI Centres Worldwide embedded map, there are instructions here.