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Zikr Adab Guidelines

Here is a very brief set of guidelines for adab (manners) when practicing group Zikr, the Sufi ceremony of remembrance of God.

  • Always be listening to the zakir (the person who leads the zikr) and to the group. This is a group activity, with one leader.
  • Let the zakir complete one repetition of the chant or song before joining in, even if you know the chant or song. She/he might do it differently than you know, and it's polite to let the rest of the group listen to the zakir alone.
  • Join in a little softly at first, so that the group can settle together into the chant.
  • If you can't hear the zakir, you're singing too loudly. Get softer. If you can't hear the zakir because someone else is singing too loudly, get softer. When everyone else has gotten softer, the loud person might notice.
  • If you can't hear the group, you're singing too loudly.
  • Be aware that the zakir might vary the loudness or speed of the chant. Follow along.
  • The zakir will often indicate an ending by a change in tone or by slowing. Notice this so that you can all end together.

For a more thorough exploration of Zikr adab, please read the transcript of a talk Pir Zia gave on the subject.

A Sufi Order zikr is held in the Toronto area monthly.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

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